Velouria Emerson is a 15-year old girl with pale skin, red hair and a slender body. Her favorite outfit consists of a black coat paired with matching beret, a maroon scarf, leggings, and knee-high boots. She is a precocious bookworm whose vivid imagination is fueled by her great love of fantasy, science fiction and anime. Though quiet most of the time, she possesses a sharp wit and a sarcastic sense of humor. Her defining characteristics are her strawberry red hair and green eyes. She is quite proud of her features, though she wishes she could do something about her freckles...

She finds comfort in solitude but is always quick to help others.

"After all, being a Lone Wolf does not mean shutting out the world around you," she often says.

Velouria was born on April 29th, two days after the death of her favorite author: Ralph Waldo Emerson. She was named after the Pixies song of the same name, although her favorite artist is Miles Davis. She frequently spins his records on rainy days.

Her favorite color is red, and she is addicted to strawberries.

Velouria’s favorite film is The Secret of NIMH and her favorite novel is White Fang.

Her favorite animal is the Fox for she identifies with them on a spiritual level.

She has an affinity for vinyl records, black and white cinema, art history and classical literature. In her spare time, she enjoys doodling, flying kites, sitcoms, writing in her journal (she hates when people call it a diary), and playing the piano. She is also an avid Chess player and often competes in online tournaments, where she does quite well for herself. She would compete in actual tournaments if it were not for the "real-life" pressure she would have to face.

Velouria has a 12-year old sister named Violet. They have an incredibly strong bond as Violet is the only person whom Velouria will confide in...

Velouria's greatest fears in life are losing her imagination and dying alone...

She loves to dream. In fact, Velouria actually receives quite the rush from getting lost in scary places, both in her mind and in the real world. In her Dreamscape, she envisions herself wearing her trademark outfit coupled with two black gloves. On her right glove, she wears a silver-chained bracelet bearing a pendant in the shape of a hummingbird skull. While in this state, Velouria wields a katana known as the Geschwind. It is an extension of her own being.

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Illustrations by Kirsten Winkelbauer

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